Thinkle On These

Case No. 1: On the range, this elderly gent—obviously suffering from arthritis and other ravages of time—would rise from his wheelchair, stand leaning against the bench and shoot his .45 ACP 1911. Obviously too, the once-ignored recoil was hurtin’ him and cycling the slide was a painful, frustrating effort. The short story was, he’d cut his teeth on 1911’s in 1949, carried one into combat in Korea, and they were the only handguns he’d ever owned. He didn’t want to give ’em up. Shooting was one of his few remaining pleasures, and that pleasure was almost gone.

I had just the pistol to recommend to him: Springfield Armory’s 9mm Range Officer—a straight-up accurate 1911 with powder-puff recoil and slide resistance half that of the .45 ACP version. The light in his eyes and the smile on his face as he handled it really got me. He simply hadn’t realized that option existed.