.45 Colt Three-Way Load

With double-action revolvers, there’s three ways of feeding those cylinders. The standard way involves plunking each cartridge by hand, one at a time. There’s nothing wrong with this method, it’s even kind of satisfying as you “throw” your target a steely eyed glare. You can even load two cartridges at a time, as you develop more dexterity.

You can also use speed strips, which are handy for several reasons. They keep cartridges bound in a neat package, prevent them from “jangling” in your pocket and allow you to load two cartridges simultaneously without the risk of dropping any.

Then there are speed-Loaders. Ask any old copper and he’ll tell you the speed-loader was the greatest invention since reclining bucket-seats on the midnight shift. Far faster and easier than old “dump pouches” this handy contraption made timed qualifications a whole lot easier, not to mention the need for hot reloads during a gunfight. Speed loaders provided confidence and reduced the fear of dropping loose cartridges under stress.