3. Believes knives are a valid self-defense weapon — I’ll admit in a pinch a pocket knife or a big Bowie can fend off an assailant but then again, so will a large rock or perhaps even loud flatus. I’ve been blessed to have professional training from literally some of the best instructors in the world and they all say the same thing: You don’t ever want to be in a knife fight! If you do, the odds for significant arterial bleeding — yours — are exceedingly high even if you win. Always carry a knife, but remember knives are one reason we carry guns.

4. “Knows it All” — This problem is rampant in the shooting circles. If you really think you’ve gotten everything all figured out in relation to firearms, you’re eventually setting yourself up for a hard lesson someday — or then again, maybe you’re just a royal jackass.

5. Practices “advanced gunfight” techniques — It’s sometimes humorous to watch online shooting videos because you’ll see some of the most convoluted, bizarre and dangerous drills performed in the name of “advanced shooting technique.” You’ll occasionally see the same at your local range or even — ugh! — a training school.

While there is nothing wrong with spicing up training, pushing your self out of your comfort zone and preparing for new challenges, at what point does the whole thing turn into a circus sideshow? In the everlasting (paraphrased) words of the immortal trainer Louie Awerbuck, “There is no such thing as an advanced gunfight; there are just the basics applied under higher stress.” Amen!