Other Reasons For Buying Guns


And Good Reasons, Too

Have you ever bought a gun for some other reason besides wanting to shoot it? I have done so, several times. Of course, many guns are bought and put away as “investments.” I even did that many years ago with a matched pair of Colt SAA .44 Specials. Once when sitting with a group of fellows enjoying a cool brew after a long day of cowboy action shooting, one guy said, “Someday I want to get a pair of Colt’s with consecutive serial numbers and then get them really gussied up with engraving and ivory grips.” At that I raised my hand. We made a deal and I actually made a little profit on those guns.

That was rare. Most of the time I buy guns for shooting, but there have been a few instances where there were other reasons. For instance, twice I have bought guns just to get the ammunition that was being sold with them. Once at a gun show I spotted a British Webley Mk VI .455 revolver, but really got excited to see that with it was a 12-round box of Canadian-made military ammo dated 1943. What a great photo prop! I already had a Mk VI Webley so I tried to just buy the box of ammo. No deal; the owner wouldn’t consider it. So I bought the gun and got the box with it. Actually, back at home after comparing the two handguns, I decided the new one was better and so I sold the old one.

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