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X-Sight 4K Pro series


ATN’s X-Sight 4K Pro Series is a Day & Night Rifle Scope. Features SMART HD technology with our New Ultra HD Sensor and Dual Core Processor provides Dual Stream Video with 30/60/120 FPS, Recoil Activated Video, a Profile Manager with an advanced Ballistic Calculator and One Shot Zero and SMART Range Finder features that will ensure you make every shot count! For more info: (603) 610-3000, www.gunsmagazine.com/company/atn.



The compact and adaptable ATACR™ 1-8×24 F1 riflescope with the Nightforce intelligent FC-DM® first focal plane reticle, pristine ED glass and bright daylight illumination is robust enough to partner up with any designated marksman or competitor. At dusk, dawn, or mid-day, at close-quarters or long distances, the versatile and rugged ATACR 1-8×24 F1 delivers battle-proven reliability, a superior field of view, and is exceptionally precise. For more info: (858) 551-8827, www.gunsmagazine.com/company/nightforce



The VR60 12-gauge shotgun is for all levels of hunting and sporting enthusiasts. It has the design and features of an AR semi-automatic shotgun and uses a conventional gas-operated action located around the support tube that runs below the barrel. A removable A-2 style carry handle allows for quick conversion to a flat top. Chambered for 2 3/4″ or 3″ Magnum loads. For more info: (307) 209-9960, www.gunsmagazine.com/company/armscor

Canik TP-Series

Century Arms

Factory recommended night sights are now available for your Canik TP-Series handgun. Featuring TRUGLO’s FOCUS•LOCK ring front sight and U-notch rear sight for fast and accurate sight acquisition, angled rear sight for one-hand operation, and premium Swiss Tritium, you can now outfit your Canik TP-Series handgun with sights providing unmatched visibility in low-light conditions. Purchase directly at www.CenturyArms.com. For more info: (626) 788-3110, www.gunsmagazine.com/company/century-arms

MeoRed T Reflex Sight


Meopta’s MeoRed T reflex sight (1x30mm) provides fast and accurate target acquisition. An ideal primary sight for MSR/AR platforms, it features a 1.5 MOA illuminated red dot reticle with housing made of aircraft-grade aluminum. MeoBright and MeoDrop coatings make its lenses clear and glare-free. For more info: (626) 788-3110, (800) 828-8928, www.gunsmagazine.com/company/meopta-usa/

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