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The HK P30L 9mm

By popular demand, HK has produced their P30 pistol with a longer barrel (4.45″ compared to 3.85″ on the service model), designated with a “L” suffix. Our test sample P30L came with HK’s LEM (Law Enforcement Module) trigger group.

More than 20 years ago, demand arose in police circles for an auto pistol requiring a long, heavy trigger pull for each shot, like a double-action revolver. The rationale was it would eliminate the likelihood of an officer failing to de-cock under stress, and be more resistant to an index finger that violated training and made its way to the trigger at an inappropriate moment.

Rank and file cops were dissatisfied with the very heavy, sometimes grating trigger pulls that resulted when conventional designs were rendered DAO. The companies worked on that. SIG SAUER’s answer was the DAK trigger system; HK’s was the LEM. It gives a lighter DA pull for every shot, and if there’s a misfire, there is a “second strike” capability if you just pull the trigger again, although the pull will be heavier now.

Working as intended, the 9mm P30LS pistol’s LEM trigger had a pretty consistent pull weight that averaged 5 pounds, 13.8 ounces on a Lyman trigger pull gauge. Tested in dry fire only, since there were no misfires that would have called it into action, the “default pull” in the LEM-equipped pistols went off the scale, indicating at least “more than 12 pounds,” which is certainly what it felt like and was as high as the gauge went.

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