Not-So-Famous Quotes

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“Try never to run out of smokes, ammo and luck all at the same time. But remember, if you have ammo, you can always get more smokes, and make your own luck.”—G.K. Shirpa

One of the oldest folders in my jumbled files is titled “Things Said & Done.” It’s kind of a catch-all of quotes, quips and lines from places bright and dark. Now and then that file needs airing out, you know? Like now….

The challenge posed to Shirpa was, “From your long life of combat, select just one piece of advice you would give young warriors.”

I thought that was a pretty simplistic answer for a man who had been fighting communists over two continents for more than half a century, since he was about 9-years old. Knowing a little about him, I suspected there was more to it; a more metaphysical meaning. I was right.

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