No, The Sky Ain’t Falling

But Just In Case It Does…

Most of us live on power grids which are increasingly subject to massive system failure. Ninety percent of you reside in areas susceptible to hurricanes or tornadoes; metro, forest or wildfires; earthquakes, flooding or avalanches; severe lightning, ice or snowstorms. Consider too, there’s no sizeable American city with resources to self-sustain for a week before its shelves are empty, prompting riots and looting, martial law or anarchy.

That’s not “scary talk,” it’s reality talk. Bad things happen with monotonous regularity—just not to all of us, all the time.

It seems I bonked a beehive in the September/October issue of American Handgunner when I answered a reader’s question about the “best Doomsday gun”: which handgun would I grab if I had to get outta Dodge, maybe forever? The bees went berserk, the subject spun up and out, and I followed it with a column on survival planning—really, emergency contingency planning—in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue. They’re available at if you’re interested.

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