Springfield Armory Limited-Edition
M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle

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Celebrating half a century of crafting the iconic M1A, Springfield Armory has announced a limited edition semi-auto recreation of the legendary M14 rifle in .308 Win.

In recognition of its original launch in the year 1974, the M1A 50th Anniversary Rifle will be offered in a limited run of just 1,974 rifles. Included with the rifle is a hand-built display crate constructed of Eastern white pine, an OD Green cotton canvas sling, a cleaning kit and an M14 Army TM-9-1005-223-12 technical manual. The rifle ships in a padded black zippered case.

Each rifle also includes a signed certificate of authenticity with a matching serial number and the personal signature of Springfield Armory’s CEO, Dennis Reese, affirming its status as a true collector’s item.

The rifle features a flash suppressor with an integrated bayonet lug, giving it the classic M14 profile. The action of the 50th Anniversary M1A is precisely fitted into a hand-selected walnut stock, which is adorned with an inlet 50th Anniversary Crossed Cannon medallion. Additionally, each rifle features a custom-engraved 1 of 1974 operating rod, symbolizing its unique place in history.

MSRP: $2,499


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