SHOT Show 2024: Day 3

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See all the highlights from day three of SHOT Show 2024, including some special guest interviews. For more live daily coverage, subscribe to FMG Publications on YouTube and follow @gunsmagazine_official on Instagram.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte Wants the Gun Business!

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte stopped by our booth at SHOT Show 2024 and talked to GUNS Magazine editor Brent T. Wheat about why Montana is such a great place for gun businesses to operate.

Shadow Systems' Secret Sauce

Brent T. Wheat talks to Shadow Systems CEO Trevor Roe about the secret sauce in their company and in their pistols. Plus, he shows off a couple of new guns.

Service Dogs for Veterans and Autistic Children

Retrieving Freedom is a non-profit organization devoted to providing service dogs to assist veterans with PTSD and children with Autism. Retrieving Freedom CEO Brandon Butler joins Brent T. Wheat from the 2024 SHOT Show to discuss this great organization.


Never Drop Your AR Magazine

The inventor of the Speed Tac bolt carrier, Richard Aitken, talks about how he solved a longtime problem with the AR-15 platform: Poor magazine engagement with full mags.

Fighting Against Anti-2A Bankers

Brent T. Wheat talks to State of Indiana Treasurer Daniel Elliot about his efforts to prevent banks from denying bank and credit services to lawful gun owners and businesses.

Dry Vapor Cleaner: Fast and Furious

Got gunk, dirt, carbon deposits and other residue on your firearm? Dry Vapor Cleaner can remove it in 90 seconds. Learn how in this interview from the 2024 SHOT Show.


Lowest Gun Accident Rate Ever?

You might be surprised to learn that, despite the noise, child-related firearms accidents are at an all-time low. That’s no thanks at all to the supposed “gun safety” organizations. The real change is being driven by efforts within the firearms industry.

American Handgunner‘s Tom McHale talks with National Shooting Sports Foundation spokesperson Bill Romanelli to discuss how we’re making a real difference and what we still have yet to do.

Learn more about Project ChildSafe at

A 3D Printed Gatling Gun Suppressor?!

With roughly 13 miles of aisle space, it takes a lot of walking to find the hidden gems of SHOT Show. But 3D Systems had something in their booth that stopped us in our tracks. GUNS Magazine Editor Brent T. Wheat is joined by Trey Hicks of U.S. Trinity who shared about how the idea for a 3D-printed Gatling gun suppressor came about and how they executed it.

Check out more of the industry-disrupting work they’re doing at and


More From The Floor

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