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1873 Single-Action Revolvers

Traditions Performance Firearms

Traditions Performance Firearms has added several new models to their 1873 Single-Action Revolver Series. These include the Liberty with white PVC grip and blued barrel, Engraved Nickel models with walnut grips as well as reproductions of guns used by lawman and gunfighter Bill Tilghman. All have 4.75-inch barrels, come with engraving and are available in .357 Mag or .45 LC. Like all single-action revolvers from Traditions, the new models have a transfer bar safety. For more info: (860) 388-4656,

The Censor Karambit

Steel Will Knives

Steel Will Knives’ Censor Karambit is a self-defense knife with a 3.86-inch long AUS-8 steel blade. It sports a curved pistol grip and an integrated finger ring for an ergonomic fit to improve control. The Censor Karambit is available in four models: serrated, non-serrated, with a satin finish, or a black traction coating finish. The claw-designed blades come with nylon sheaths. For more info: (877) 969-0909,


Mag Pump

The MP-AR15 from MagPump reduces magazine loading time by more than 50 percent. In fact, MagPump says the MP-AR15 can load 90 rounds in less than 90 seconds. This Hopper-fed, loose ammo loader for .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout rounds is compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 magazines. Made of polymer, it is lightweight and mounts to any Weaver or Picatinny rail. Using the MP-AR15 eliminates hand fatigue and requires less effort and strength to fully load magazines. For more info: (585) 444-9812,


Ammunition Depot

The Prepper is heavy duty, stackable and re-sealable storage for ammunition. It features a lid gasket to make the container airtight and waterproof. The Prepper comes loaded with 200 to 1,000 rounds of the most popular calibers and brands and includes a desiccant to keep internal humidity low. For more info: (800) 518-9180,

Green Can Ammo Locking Hardware

Captain Jon’s Green Can Lockers

With Captain Jon’s 3rd Generation Locking Hardware, it’s easy to make your ammo can lockable and therefore safe. The one-piece, 1/2-inch solid 303 stainless steel stud with a 5/16-inch thread (patent pending) is secured with a nylon insert locknut. One-hole installation requires no thread-locking compound. It involves drilling a 5/16-inch hole, inserting the stud, putting the one-piece bonded metal/rubber washer and then the locknut over the threads. The padlock stud will take up to a 1/4-inch lock shackle. Ammo can and lock not included. For more info: (619) 306-0953,

Hilux Tactical IWB holster

Hilux Tactical

The Hilux Tactical IWB holster lets users carry a handgun securely, in a covert manner for a long time with no discomfort or sweat buildup. Made of advanced synthetic materials, the holster is breathable and anti-microbial. A padded mesh backing and ventilation slots allow hot air and moisture to flow through, keeping the user dry even when it’s hot and humid. Metal components that could cause discomfort are encased in the holster’s interior so they do not touch the skin. The holster is currently available for six of the most common firearms. For more info:

Go Sleeve

Sentry Products Group

Protect your firearms in storage or transport with the Go Sleeve. Its low-profile design is constructed of 3mm neoprene with two compartments. With the Go Sleeve, valuable gear is safe from the elements and from dings and scratches. The Go Sleeve comes in three models to accommodate most common handgun sizes. For more info: (877) 726-7328,

.300 Blackout

Starline Brass

Starline has recently added the .300 Blackout to their line of rifle brass. Like the company’s other products, the .300 Blackout is produced with rigorous quality control standards. Suitable for taking game as large as whitetail deer when loaded at supersonic velocities, the round is offered at half the price of comparable cases. Any standard 5.56 AR-15 can easily be converted to .300 Blackout by changing the barrel. The adjustability of the AR-15 platform and the low recoil of this round make it ideal for hunters of smaller stature. For more info: (660) 827-6640,

1911 Pistols

Taylor’s & Company Inc.

Taylor’s & Company has added the 1911 A1 Full-Size 5 inch and the 1911 Compact Carry 3-5/8 inch—both chambered in 9mm—to its line of historical firearms. The Full-Size sports a green, fiber-optic front sight, a skeletonized trigger and a short Picatinny rail. The pistol comes with two 10-round magazines. The Compact Carry features snag-free sights, a thumb safety and a hi-sweep beavertail grip. It holds nine rounds and comes with two 8-round magazines. Both pistols are designed for tactical and concealed carry. For more info: (540) 722-2017,

Calvin Elite Custom Triggers

Timney Triggers

Calvin Elite Custom Triggers for the AR-15 and Remington Model 700 are now available from Timney Triggers. Both models have four customized trigger shoes: curved, flat, heeled and knurled. All are adjustable for length of pull, cast and height to fit every user and application. Tools for fitting and adjusting the shoes are included. Like all the company’s triggers, the Calvin Elite is hand assembled, tested and then calibrated for a specific rifle before delivery. For more info: (866) 484-6639,

RAGE TCS for AK-47

UM Tactical

UM Tactical’s RAGE TCS—Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion Total Compensation System—now fits the AK-47. Machined from stainless steel and aerospace alloys, the RAGE Compensator is a reconfigurable recoil tuning and management device with 3-port washer mounting zones (high, mid and low pressure). No drilling is necessary to attach the device to the AK-47. Using RAGE TCS results in a reduction in felt recoil as well as muzzle rise. For more info: (866) 979.4486,

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8 thoughts on “New Products

  1. carl bellia

    I enjoy the magazine and do not throw them away. I have a pile up in a cabinet and refer to them weekly, read and re read the articles. I am looking to purchase a 10mm. This months article on the sig p220 10mm helps. I have a p320, so I know the sig quality. The ads cause me to go to websites I might not know about or never have seen. I like the gun evaluations and take the info to heart and base buying or not buying an item. Also it is nice to see ads from manufacturers that I have already purchased from.

  2. Percy Claycomb

    My subscription has been running for a few years now. I thought I would comment on the articles I enjoy reading by Mr. Ayoob. Always precise, entertaining and enjoyable reading. I wish I could remember how many years ago I had first started reading his articles but alas…..Keep up the excellent work in publishing a number one rated magazine. It really is the “Finest in the Firearms Field Since 1955”.

  3. George E. Sells

    I would like to see more articles about more reasonablely priced guns also articles on how to improve the older ,more reasonablely guns that younger shooters of more modest incomes can afford. Thank you . G.Sells -Selma,Ind.

  4. dennis yeager

    I am not sure about your 1 entry per house hold rule , is it 1 entry for each prize (3) or pick only 1 of the 3 then enter

  5. George Moore

    In your new products section (some time back) you had a replacement part for the Beretta 92F rear sight that would allow a reflex site. I have since lost that magazine. Would you please give me the name and location of that company. Thanks


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