New Products March 2018 Issue

10005 GATCO Edgemate


The 10005 GATCO Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System will sharpen all kitchen, sport and utility cutlery. It includes five sharpening hones with Aluminum Oxide abrasives for extra-coarse, coarse, medium, fine and serrated blades. GATCO’s knife clamp/angle guide allows users to safely sharpen their gear to a precise razor-like edge. The Edgemate sharpening system comes with a honing oil and custom case. For more info: (800) 844-3034,

Zenith and Left-Turn Gripper


IronMind’s Captains of Crush gripper is the quickest way to the strongest grip. It features knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles and GR springs to accurately strengthen fingers to make squeezing the trigger easier. IronMind also has two other grippers to help improve your shooting. Zenith is a digital era gripper with sculpted, ergonomic handles and a proprietary spring. The Left-Turn Gripper is a mirror image of Captains of Crush that provides a tailored fit for lefties. For more info: (530) 272-3579,

New Royal Pheasant

Rio Ammunition

The Rio Royal Copper line from Rio Ammunition is an array of loads to bring down American hunters’ winged quarry. The company’s latest offering, the Rio Royal Pheasant is designed to deliver uniform and effective patterns under all conditions. The load’s sure-fire primers ignite powder mixtures to propel heavy payloads of copper-plated shots downrange at velocities of up to 1,400 fps. For more information: (214) 389-1896,

Sentinel Plates

Present Arms Inc.

Present Arms’ Sentinel Plate is a cost effective stand for displaying, cleaning and servicing firearms. It is a simple platform using Present Arms’ universal mounting system that has a variety of interchangeable magazine posts for AR’s as well as pistols. The Sentinel Plate comes in two sizes: large for rifles and handguns, and small for handguns only. The smooth side is for display purposes while the other side has a cut pocket that prevents runaway parts when servicing a gun. The Sentinel Plate fits in a range bag so you can take it with you to the range. For more info: (413) 575-4656,

Battle Rope

Breakthrough Clean Technologies

The new Breakthrough Clean Battle Rope is designed to clean the bore of your firearm twice as hard. The threaded brass link allows the hard-bristle nylon brush to detach quickly while the weighted brass end guides the rope through the barrel. Thicker than other brands, Battle Rope completely fills the bore for a thorough cleaning. It is available in a variety of caliber widths. Caliber tags make it easy to identify the rope you should use. For more info: (888) 455-5499,

CLENS Protector

Thyrm LLC

The CLENS Protector is a heat-resistant, clear polymer circle with a mild-adhesive backing. Stick CLENS to the lens of a flashlight or weapon light to keep carbon and other debris from building up. Extended exposure to carbon can permanently damage or discolor unprotected lenses. The CLENS Protector can easily be removed to return a light to its optimal brightness. It is a collaborative effort of Thyrm and Sage Instruments. For more info:


Spyderco Inc.

Spyderco’s Sliverax has a drop-point blade made from CPM S30V stainless steel. Its lightweight, open-backed handle is made of carbon fiber/G10 laminate scales and nested stainless steel liners. With full-flat ground blades and compression locks, the Sliverax also features clips for tip-up carry and a round hole for one-handed opening. For more info: (800) 525-7770,

9mm ARX Engagement Extreme


The NovX 9mm ARX +P Engagement: Extreme is a self-defense cartridge made of stainless steel and copper polymer in 9mm Luger. At 1,655 FPS there is no faster +P copper poly bullet; at 65 grains, there is none lighter. The bullet flies flatter than lead, offers less felt recoil and causes devastating wounds. New as well as seasoned shooters will appreciate the 20–30 percent less felt recoil. LE and other professionals will benefit from the 40–60 percent lighter weight over standard ammo. For more info: (309) 944-5341,

Uni-Chuck Shim-Fit Combo

Quinetics Corp.

Extend the life of your current Kinetic Bullet Puller by using the new Uni-Chuck Shim-Fit Combo. It is designed to restore and replace worn interfaces and also improve the lost efficiency of all brands of kinetic bullet pullers on the market. By concentrating the kinetic energy, it increases the pulling power thereby reducing users’ effort in pulling the bullet. Simply affix the Shim-Fit insert to the puller tube opening with the flat side up and assemble the Uni-Chuck cap and you’re ready to start pulling. For more info: (830) 693-0237,

9mm Bloodline AR Barrels

Rosco Mfg.

Rosco Mfg. has launched 9mm Bloodline AR barrels, a product line extension to the Bloodline series the company recently introduced. The new barrels’ design takes into consideration smaller AR platform size, heavier self-defense ammo and use of suppressors. Rosco 9mm barrels are made of 4150 CMV steel with a Nitride finish. They are 5.5, 7.5 and 14.5 inches in length with a 1:10 RH twist. For more info: (401) 228-0129,


Shooter’s Choice

The Quick Scrub III removes fouling from actions and trigger pulls without disassembling the firearm. Ideal for conventional as well as black powder firearms, it dissolves residues and powder buildup. With Quick Scrub, actions run smoothly even in cold weather. This product is part of Shooter’s Choice Pro-Care complete gun care system to extend the life of your firearm while keeping them running smoothly and accurately. For more info: (800) 232-1991,

.260 Remington Brass

Starline Brass Inc.

Starline has recently added .260 Remington to its line of rifle brass. Utilizing a 6.5mm (.264) diameter bullet, the .260 has a lot less recoil than its .308 parent case, but shoots much flatter. Popular in many shooting sports, the .260 Remington is also used in hunting. For more info: (660) 827-6640,

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