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X-TAC Elite

Wilson Combat
The X-TAC Elite 1911 is available in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 Super, either in full or compact size. Ideal for shooters who want a 1911-style custom pistol with tactical performance options, the X-TAC Elite has been enhanced by Wilson Combat gunsmiths for daily carry and hard-use training. The gun has an X-TAC tread pattern for solid traction as well as shooting comfort. The bi-directional, X-TAC frontstrap and slide offer enhanced grip and durability. It also has a reload-enhancing one-piece Bullet Proof Magwell, a concealment hammer and grip safety. For more info: (870) 545-3635,


Rifle Butt Cuff

Diamond D Custom Leather
Diamond D Custom Leather’s handcrafted Rifle Butt Cuffs have reinforced stitching between each loop to prevent the interior of the cartridge loop from changing its size. The inside of each Rifle Butt Cuff is also lined with suede to ensure it won’t slide while on your rifle. At the same time, this also protects your stock from being damaged. Diamond D Custom Leather’s Rifle Butt Cuff will hold five 12-gauge shotgun shells, or six rounds in popular rifle calibers. For more info: (907) 631-4212,


Lady Whitetail Series

Traditions Performance Firearms
Two options have been added to the Lady Whitetail Series from Traditions Performance Firearms. The first rifle has a 26-inch, .50-caliber barrel with Tactical Grey Premium Cerakote finish, a 209 shotgun primer ignition, and Hot Leaf Camo stock and fore-end. It also comes with a 3-9×40 matte black rangefinding scope, a deluxe carrying case and sling. The other rifle is a youth model with the same specs and features except for a shorter 24-inch barrel. The guns in the series are built on a Pursuit G4 Ultralight platform. For more info: (860) 388-4656,


Fire Starter

Lightning Strike Products Inc.
The Lightning Strike Fire Starter features a storage compartment with enough tinder to get multiple fires going under tough conditions. Its large striker works well with cold or gloved hands. The starter includes a striker guide to allow 100 percent contact with the tube-encased ferro rod that concentrates the spark directly on the tinder for instant ignition. A striker stop prevents the tinder from scattering when trying to ignite it. The tinder will burn for several minutes, allowing you to add small sticks and twigs to feed the fire. For more info: (541) 439-5155,


Heavy Dove & Quail 12-Gauge Shotshells

Baschieri & Pellagri (B&P)
Baschieri & Pellagri’s Heavy Dove & Quail 12-gauge shotshells are designed for hunting—what else?—dove and quail. The shotshells give effective spreads and efficient patterns to allow hunters to shoot these birds in a split second. B&P’s patented Gordon System works to lessen recoil by 20 percent while maintaining velocity. For more info: (805) 529-3700,


Big Daddy Buck

Delta McKenzie Targets
Big Daddy Buck is Delta McKenzie’s new 3D deer target. Ideal for hunting season practice, the deer target is 100 percent solid, made of self-healing foam and features easy arrow removal and shot placement recognition. The Big Daddy buck uses a new, innovative cross-body dovetail design to provide more stability as the target gets shot at. It features universal scoring on one side and heart vital shot placement on the other so it can be used either for tournament or hunting practice. For more info: (801) 539-1400,


Leather Ostrich Printed Tablet Case

Concealed Carrie
Concealed Carrie has come up with the Leather Ostrich Printed Tablet Case to complement its other product, the Leather Ostrich Printed Computer Case. Ideal for those who want to travel light and don’t want to compromise fashion or function, the tablet case secures your gadget with its double-zippered compartments. At the same time, the handbag can also accommodate any compact or sub-compact handgun. All Concealed Carrie handbags come with a Concealed Carrie dust bag, key chain and fashion tassel. For more info: (844) 522-7743,


Kimber Micro 9 Holster

CrossBreed Holsters
CrossBreed Holsters has introduced a holster line for the Kimber Micro 9. Due to the growing popularity of the Kimber Micro 9, CrossBreed has designed their most popular holsters like the the SuperTuck, MiniTuck, Appendix Carry, Freedom Carry, Womens Appendix Carry and Qwik Clip, to fit this new concealed carry gun. For more info: (888) 732-5011,


Side Mount Single Point Adaptor

GrovTec US Inc.
The GrovTec Side Mount Single Point Adaptor offers a mounting sling option for Remington and Mossberg shotguns. Simply insert the mount through the receiver pinhole of your shotgun and screw it down with the wrench and thread locker included in the set. The adaptor can be mounted on either side to accommodate right- and left-handed shooters. The base will accept all standard quick detach push-button swivels. No modification is required. For more info: (503) 557-4689,


Bismuth Premium Shotshells

Kent Cartridge
The Bismuth Shotshell from Kent Cartridge maintains a high level of integrity and ballistic capability. It is safe for the environment and suitable for use in fixed-choke and high-grade shotgun barrels. Sold in 100-round cases (28g./250 round), the 2.75- and 3-inch loads are offered in 12-gauge; the 2.75-inch in 20-gauge, 16-gauge and 28-gauge. For more info: (888) 311-5368,



MGM Targets
MGM Targets has introduced the HexPlate, its hexagon-shaped target plates. Officially adopted by the USPSA for competition use, the HexPlate is made of premium AR-500 steel and is a reliable steel target and firearm training system to support the military, law enforcement, competitive and sport shooter communities. MGM is now transitioning all its round targets to HexPlate to provide consumers with 13 percent larger targets at no additional cost. For more info: (888) 767-7371,


Combo Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp
The Combo Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp is a bench-top solution for sharpening outdoor knives, pocketknives and kitchen knives with or without serrations. It combines power sharpening (flexible abrasive belts) with manual sharpening technology (angle-guided ceramic honing). This combination creates a fast, easy and very effective sharpening system for every knife owner. For more info: (800) 597-6170,


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