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Silencer Ear Buds


The Silencer Ear Buds from Walker’s is a pair of right and left ear buds with digital sound processing (DSP) to amplify conversations and sound-activated compression (SAC) to protect against harmful noises such as muzzle blast. For more info: (877) 268-8490,

G42 and G43 Mags

Elite Tactical Systems

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) has released a new line of clear polymer magazines for the GLOCK 42 and 43. The mags are single stack and each standard model holds 7 rounds, as opposed to the 6 rounds standard factory magazines hold. Nine- and 12-round versions are also available. They are only 0.75 inches longer than the standard 7-round magazine and allow for a better grip and control of the handgun. ETS’s clear polymer magazines feature extreme impact resistance so they won’t crack when dropped. The durable construction ensures the feed lips won’t spread when fully loaded and stored. For more info: (855) 887-5452,

Quick Ship Dual-Layer Bullhide Gun Belt

Beltman Inc.

The Quick Ship belt is the same as Beltman’s classic 1.5-inch wide, dual-layer bullhide belt but made in advance, in the most popular sizes and colors, so you don’t have to wait. You still get to choose a buckle to customize your look though. All belts come with 7 holes on 3/4-inch centers for maximum adjustability. You can also get it with an internal stiffener. For more info: (205) 415-5000,

Holsters for the G43

DeSanits Gunhide

The Thumb Break Mini Slide and Apache Ankle Rig are holsters for the GLOCK 43 with the Streamlight TLR-6. Made of premium saddle leather with double seams, the Thumb Break Mini Slide is an exposed-muzzle, tight-fitting, two-slot holster with an adjustable-tension device. The Apache Ankle Rig has a wide, elasticized leg band to eliminate the unwanted rocking motion associated with ankle holsters. Constructed with elastic, the ankle holster has a sheepskin lining with a snap thumb break. For more info: (631) 841-6300,

Vehicle ICE Kit

Gum Creek

The compact and well-thought-out Vehicle ICE Kit from Gum Creek has everything you need in case of an emergency. A spacious 600-denier polyester bag holds essentials like food, water, light, first aid items and a heat source. It will surely come in handy if you ever get stranded in your car. For more info: (888) 381-7872,

American Flag Antero

Long’s Shadow Holster

The American Flag Antero from Long’s Shadow is a 0.093-inch thick Kydex holster for concealed carry by police and military users. It features an adjustable retention system, 30-degree back-folded sides and glass-filled nylon closed belt loops. It comes standard as OWB but can easily be converted to IWB using the Antero IWB Conversion Kit. The Antero includes a full-sweat guard to reduce pinching of the firearm upon re-holstering and to prevent rust and corrosion. For more info: (720) 552-3501,


Viper Holsters

The Cobra is a two-piece Kydex service-style holster with eyelets on each side for cant and height adjustment. Suspended by proprietary Batwing belt loops, the holster is contoured to hug the hip in typical service style. The Cobra has an adjustable retention screw and can be used with additional retention devices. Traditional sweat guard and abrasion protection ears can also be used with the holster. For more info: (610) 593-3053,

Liquid Freakiness Extreme Oil

Vulture Equipment Works

Liquid Freakiness is a proprietary blend of fully synthetic oils, anti-corrosion and anti-wear agents designed to lubricate and protect your gear in extreme temperature environments. Non-toxic, non-staining, colorless and odorless, Liquid Freakiness extends equipment life, reduces drag, enhances mechanical stability and more. For more info: (630) 804-9600,

“Shires” Full-Tang Guide Knife

Silver Stag Knife Company

The High Carbon D2 Tool Steel “Shires” Full-Tang Guide Knife from Silver Stag is just in time for the hunting season. The 7.5-inch knife is ideal for sportsmen who need a blade to hold an edge through many field dressings. Silver Stag knives are not production knives. They are ground, assembled, polished and sharpened “free-hand.” The company also forges their own Damascus steel. For more info: (888) 233-STAG (7824),

Patterned AR-15 Handguards

OffHand Gear

OffHand Gear’s patterned AR-15 handguards sport color-shifting, chameleon metallic finishes. The finish is available on most of their 9-, 12- and 15-inch handguards and can be purchased as part of a combination set of patterned handguard, Magpul buttstock and Magpul pistol grip. Offhand Gear’s patterned handguards are small in diameter with beveled edges for smooth, snag-free operation. They are made of lightweight aluminum and pre-drilled for use with a Picatinny rail. For more info: (480) 2014-2642,

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