NECG’s Ruger No 1 Peep Sight

One of the most popular rifles today is the Ruger No. 1. I gravitated to it after shooting trapdoors and High Walls as I like the traditional styling and compactness, which is afforded by a single-shot action. The No. 1 has been chambered in just about every cartridge imaginable either by the factory or by custom gunsmiths, and most shooters probably go for the long-range cartridges. I’m different; my No. 1 is chambered in .45-70.

It is probably the strongest .45-70, however a local shooter did destroy one by using a fast pistol powder in place of rifle powder. I’ve shot some pretty heavy loads in mine, however these days I’m more concerned about close-range shooting using more comfortable loads while still having the option of using longer-range .45-70 loads if needed.

My Ruger No. 1 is very versatile as it has three sighting systems. It normally wears a 1.5-4X compact scope sighted in for 100 yards and mounted using Ruger rings. This set up allows for easy removal using a silver dollar or anything, which will fit the slots on the Ruger rings to loosen them. I keep an old chainsaw wrench handy as it fits compactly in my pocket. The second option is then to use the iron sights, which come as standard equipment consisting of a bead front sight and folding-leaf rear sight. The third option is the use of a receiver sight, which can be almost as good as a scope sight. Most receiver sights require drilling and tapping and they are not easily removable. NECG, New England Custom Guns, has one of the best accessories available with their Peep Sight for use on Ruger rifles.

When the scope is removed the NECG Peep Site utilizes the rear integral scope mount base found on all Ruger rifles. This includes not only the No. 1 but the Model 77, Mini-14, Mini-30, and 77/22 as well. If the weather proves to be nasty or the conditions are such that iron sights work better than a scope simply losing two screws and tightening one allows the switch from scope to the aperture sight. After sighting in, the NECG rear sight can be carried in a jacket pocket and if conditions warrant it easily replaces the scope. The NECG Peep Sight is adjustable for elevation and windage with locking adjustments, and comes with two aperture discs of 0.93 inch and 0.125 inch. If the factory supplied front sight needs to be replaced NECG can supply front sights of varying heights. The high-quality NECG aperture sight sells for $90 and is available from Brownells or the company itself.

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