MEALSPEC™ Introduces Gen 2 – The Ultimate Cooking Bag

MEALSPEC™, a manufacturer of flameless meal heaters, unveiled its MEALSPEC™ Gen 2 cooking bag, a reliable flameless meal cooker perfect for disaster preparedness, camping, hunting, and more.

MEALSPEC™ has pushed portable outdoor cooking to a new limit with their flameless Gen 2 cooking bag that can cook an entire meal in one container. Utilizing the same technology as the MEALSPEC™ Gen 1 heater bag, but improving the maximum temperature duration was key in the new Gen 2 cooking bag. The Gen 2 can also accommodate most frozen dinners due to its larger dimensions. This new cooking bag sets the bar in the world of conventional cooking equipment — fast and easy with water being the only ingredient needed to activate cooking. The Gen 2 quickly rises to an impressive 220 degrees Fahrenheit in just under a few minutes and remains at a safe cooking temperature lasting up to 60 minutes, ensuring a meal is fully cooked and not just heated.

Using the MEALSPEC™ cooking bag is simple. First, open the re-sealable top of the cooking bag and remove the packaging. Next, insert the provided cooking device in the bottom of the bag, add food packaged in a Ziploc bag or plastic (heat safe) container. Remember; never cook food or drinks in MEALSPEC™ bag alone, they should always be in their own respective package/container. Then, add water to the fill line to activate the cooker. Quickly secure the top of the bag and wait 15 to 60 minutes for a hot, cooked meal. Customize cooking time by simply removing food from bag when cooked to liking. When you are finished using the MEALSPEC™, discard and never drink the water that is used to cook. The MEALSPEC™ bag can also be used as a trash bag when finished cooking and eating.

MEALSPEC™ cooking bags are military grade and unlike Internet vendors, every cooking bag is brand new, and not about to expire. For more information or purchasing questions of MEALSPEC™ cooking bags, please visit

MEALSPEC™   GEN 2 cooking bag specifications:

  • Initial Reaction in 15-18 seconds
  • Run Time up to 60 minutes
  • Medial Temperature: 190 degrees
  • Peak Temperature: 220 degrees
  • Can boil water
  • Can sterilize water and utensils
  • Shelf life of 5 years
  • No failure report
  • Bag height is 13 inches
  • Bag width is 11 inches
  • Pleated bottom allowing the bag to sit upright
  • Bag has incorporated carry handles for easy transportation

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