Loaded For Boar

Browning’s Hog Hunter Fixed Blade
Can Get The Hard Field Chores Done.

Large fixed-blade knives have been an integral part of the hunting and survival scene ever since the bowie knife overtook the sword as the edge-du-jour following the wide use of percussion and cap-and-ball pistols. And while hunting knives have increasingly gotten smaller over the years, sometimes only a big knife will do for chores like shelter building, butchering, group food prep, and other heavy-duty field use. If you see yourself in these scenarios the Browning Hog Hunter might be just the knife for you.

The Hog Hunter—a foot long in overall length—has an ample 7-inch blade and weighs in at just under 12 ounces—not unwieldy but heavy enough to get the job done. The blade, billed as a drop point, has characteristics of a spear point, which improves its ability to penetrate. Defensive postures of man vs. animal are not frequent but do happen and this knife would be a pleasant addition to the hand if one needed to dispatch, say, a pissed off boar. The knife’s textured rubber handle has individual fingergrooves, which make for excellent purchase and a flared guard at the choil offers good finger protection.

The Hog Hunter’s 440 stainless steel, though not exotic, is very capable and has the added benefit of easy sharpening in the wild. A simple whetstone will do, no diamond medium required. This affordable steel also keeps the price of the Hog Hunter in line at a very palpable $72 suggested retail, which includes a well-made nylon sheath. If you’re in the market for a large knife at an attractive price, the Browning Hog Hunter is a boar of a fixed blade ready to attack a wide variety of outdoor chores.
By Pat Covert

Hog Hunter 865
MAKER: Browning
One Browning Pl.
Morgan, UT 84050
(800) 333-3288
Blade Material: 440 stainless steel
Blade Length: 7″
Overall Length: 12″
Weight: 11.5 ounces
Handle: Textured rubber
Carry: Nylon sheath
Price: $72

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