Little Bore Sniper

Remington’s Sporting .410

Whether it’s sporting clays or diving doves, Remington’s 1100 Sporting .410 puts the sport back into “sport.”

Cigarillo-sized shells and little .410 bores have fascinated me over a lifetime of hunting and shooting. With its dinky payloads of shot, the .410 is controversial, of course, and its very mention during a gathering of shotgunners is about as good a way to stir up a heated debate on shotgun performance and efficiency as I know. Yet, this mild mannered little shell has been the introduction for hundreds of thousands, nay, millions, of novices to the shotgun sports.

More experienced shooters are savvy enough to fully appreciate the .410’s qualities and limitations. A .410 with a properly choked barrel is lightweight, a joy to carry in upland covers for rabbits and small birds over point and a challenging master on the skeet field. And for an afternoon of family fun, I can’t think of a better combination than a carton of hand-tossed clays and a .410 shotgun.

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