Light My Fire Combines Fire & Steel

The Swedish FireKnife will have your back in a bad situation.

In any survival situation two of the most essential tools needed to endure are a knife and firestarter. Swedish company Light My Fire has your back with their Swedish FireKnife. Light My Fire first jumped into the camping/survival market in 1995 selling a fire igniting tinder called MayaSticks, but the company didn’t take off until they completed the firemaking circle by adding Magnesium fire rods to their line. Flame on! Since most Magnesium firestarters are used by rapidly scraping sparks off the rod using the back of a knife blade it was only natural to combine these two elements into one, and the Swedish FireKnife does just that.

The knife itself is a Finnish Puukko style designed by Light My Fire and made by Mora of Sweden. The traditional Puukko belt knife is characterized by a straightforward blade with a shallow grind attached to an ample handle. The Puukko design is the basic idea behind the knives used in the popular Bushcraft movement today. The concept is simple: the Swedish FireKnife’s pommel twists off to access the fire rod and the back of the blade provides the “oomph” for grinding off sparks. The knife itself has a comfortable high impact plastic and TPE rubber handle, and the 3.75″ Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade offers good utility. A polypropylene sheath (with clip) houses the FireKnife, which is available in a wide array of vivid colors plus black.

Would I recommend the Swedish FireKnife as a primary survival knife? No. I’d prefer a longer, wider and deeper ground blade that can perform heavy-duty field chores. But at a suggested retail of $39.99 the Swedish FireKnife is an excellent choice for the young camper or to stash in your gear and truck as a handy back-up knife for emergency situations.
By Pat Covert

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