Legendary Edges!

Supplement Your Vintage Guns With Edged Weapons Of The Day.

When it comes to vintage firearms, GUNS readers are among the most avid and knowledgeable you’ll find, and what better way to supplement your armory than with period edged weapons you can display or use right alongside your favorite guns? Similar to the firearms industry, there are several ways to collect historic knives.

If you’re a dedicated collector or user of vintage guns you can add authentic knives from the same time period as those in your arsenal. If this is your endeavor make sure you’re buying authentic pieces. In fine condition these knives can go big bucks and, as with most collectibles that command higher prices, there will always be unscrupulous individuals who will try to make a fast buck.

Just as in the firearms industry, there are faithfully reproduced replicas of historic knives. These can be divided into two categories: manufactured and custom (handmade). As you would expect, manufactured knives are much easier on the budget and the quality can range from very high to very low. Some factory reproductions are still being made by the original manufacturers; a bonus when it comes to adding an added measure of authenticity to your collection.

If you’re going to use the knife be sure to buy one built for hard use and not one solely intended for display. Custom knives are generally well made, but in many, indeed most cases, you’ll pay more. The good news is there are plenty of options and you can find just about anything you want at gun shows, retail outlets, and on internet auction houses. Most of the knives we’ll feature here are modern (and available today as such) both easy on the wallet and strong enough for field use.
By Pat Covert

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