Keep The Change

It Must Be A Conspiracy

Change. It is always with us from the time of conception until we leave this life. As this is written I have spent 25,575 days on this earth and have experienced change every single day; it has been both my best friend and worst enemy. The first parts of our lives are controlled mostly by positive changes, until we reach a certain point and then things begin to change negatively. Not only do our bodies change, but also we are constantly surrounded by change. You can’t ever go back to how things used to be, and this is found to be true for someone who moves away from their hometown then returns many years later only to be startled by changes that have occurred.

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2 thoughts on “Keep The Change

  1. Gary Hubbell

    I just read the story from Campfire tales in the April issue.
    I too have been having some of the same problems that you wrote about.I too have trouble with the sights being fuzzy, and recoil bothering more than it used to.
    Getting old it tough, bu it still beats the alternative.
    I too heard of your health problems, hang in there, and continue to get well.

  2. Norman Ralph

    Enjoyed your April column on “change.” Reminded me of the Corey Ford classic on hills getting steeper, steps getting higher, print gettin smaller, etc.

    I’m glad you are recovering from your surgery. I lost my younger brother to an ruptured aoreta, you are a fortunate man. I had open chest surgery several years ago to remove a large (fist size) tumor from my chest. Thankfully it was benign, but the recovery involved carrying a small pillow for months afterward. I still sleep with one. The cardiac unit didn’t think of a Teddy Bear.

    Hang in there you will be back going full steam again soon. Keep up the good work. Your the reason I subscribe to Guns Magazine. Can’t afford all the magazines nor have the time to read them all if I did.


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