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From the double-action revolver’s heyday to now, we’ve known speedloaders are the fastest way to reload a wheelgun. But being the same diameter as the revolver’s cylinder, they’re also bulky to carry. Moreover, many speedloader pouches are poorly designed—slow to get at, and sometimes shaped so you have to grab the loader by its release knob, which can leave you with an empty gun in one hand, an empty loader in the other, and five or six cartridges at your feet.

With this in mind I warmly welcome the JOX speedloader carrier, designed and sold by Nick Jacques, who has apparently channeled Michael deBethencourt and other revolver experts. A narrow crescent of Kydex forms a lip to secure the loader until you pull slightly forward from the belt, at which time the loader comes free instantly. (Security with speed is always a good thing!) The sides are cut away to give you a proper grasp of the loader. The unit secures to the belt with a J-hook and rides snug to your body. It even comes with soft inserts for the bottom of the pouch to allow for different cartridge lengths.

JOX offers these for all popular brands and sizes of speedloader, and some obscure ones (you want to specify what you’ll be using in your order). I ordered test samples for both the J-Frame HKS and JetLoader. Each worked perfectly.


JOX features include cutaways in the body (above) for a secure grasp on the
loader grasp. It rides high above your belt with J-clip attachment to secure it.
The JOX case (below) has variable-size internal cushions to allow for different
cartridge lengths and to prevent damage to bullet noses.



A forward tug deploys the speedloader quickly. Shown is a JetLoader in hand,
an HKS in the other JOX case. The revolver? An S&W 342 with Lauck sights and
Eagle grips. Mas found the JOX pouch fast and secure.

JOX opened for business in 2014, and these loader carriers have been earning rave reviews ever since. Price is $43 per unit plus $6 shipping, which sounds high until you work with them, at which point you realize their features and performance make them worth every penny. Current and retired military and LE get a 10 percent discount. Be sure to include the exact make/model/caliber of your loader when you order.
By Massad Ayoob

JOX Loader Pouches
P.O. Box 66
Blue Bell, PA 19422
(215) 873-1102

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