EXCLUSIVE: It Takes A Village

By David Codrea

“African Village Uses Tech to Fight off Rape Cult,” David Axe of Wired.com reports in its “Danger Room-What’s next for National Security” feature column.

The place is the southern Central African Republic. We learn that “dreadlocked fighters” of the LRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group called tongo-tongo by the natives, raid villages, kidnapping men and women, forcing them to porter stolen goods, brainwashing the boys to become new fighters, and keeping the girls as rape trophies for officers and as breeders for even more new fighters.

We learn this has been “repeated countless times across Central Africa.”

And we learn that surviving residents of the village of Obo decided they would not go gentle into that good night. Instead, they “raised their own volunteer scout force, armed it with homemade shotguns, and began disseminating intelligence on the LRA’s movements using the village’s sole, short-range FM radio transmitter.”

So that’s what the Wired title means by “tech”: Guns. And yeah, a radio, but without the guns they couldn’t protect it.

The result? “Obo has not suffered another major LRA invasion,” Axe writes.

Hmmm… a militia comprised of the people establishing security and keeping evil at bay—where have we heard that concept before?

Which means, of course, that the “government” is against the idea. No surprise there—as signatories to the UN-crafted “Central African Convention for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons,” any arms not under its control—and their own public laws governing, among other things, homemade weapons, you can’t expect them to forego the incentives for toeing the UN line—as opposed to securing the Blessings of Liberty for the people they’re supposed to serve.

But wait, some may say, the LRA is a militia, too, as if that somehow negates the value of good people being able to provide mutual defense. Brigands resorting to force and fear have been plaguing society’s productive since the dawn of time—and the rational quickly learned their option was to submit, enduring enslavement and death for themselves and their Posterity—or to fight back. Our Constitution’s Framers knew this when they crafted the Second Amendment as the ultimate safeguard against enemies foreign and domestic.

The villagers of Obo represent in principle the wisdom of our own Founders as they deploy in righteous defense so that no more of their people will be kidnapped, enslaved, raped, killed… and their story seems somehow familiar, but with one important difference.

What we’re seeing is a real-world reenactment of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece, Seven Samurai, perhaps more familiar to American audiences when remade as our own classic, The Magnificent Seven.

The important difference? Unlike the inept, cowardly weaklings the simple villagers in both films were portrayed as, the men of Obo have provided for their own defense. They have not relied on importing mercenaries to do their fighting for them, and that is as it should be. Free men who accept the burdens of adult responsibilities—even though their plight may seem hopeless and test their very souls—do not need foreign heroes.

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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: It Takes A Village

  1. W W Woodward

    Things are not so different on the other side of the world. The powers-that-be there too seem to prefer to have their people murdered, raped, assaulted and their property stolen and destroyed that to acknowledge their right to defend themselves with effective weapons.


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  3. Paul J. Nolan

    “The villagers of Obo represent in principle the wisdom of our own Founders as they deploy in righteous defense so that no more of their people will be kidnapped, enslaved, raped, killed…”

    I don’t recall the British “kidnapping, enslaving, or raping” any American subjects, nor killing them before the revolution. I do recall that Washington, Jefferson, and others were slaveowners whose slaves had been kidnapped, enslaved, raped and killed. Please get your facts straight before you wave the flag in support of your views (though we are in strong agreement that every village and person has the God-given right to defend themselves, and that defense is usually most effective with guns.)

    Paul J. Nolan


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