ISSC’s Modern Sporting Rifle

The MK22 Recreates The FN SCAR In .22 LR.

One of the endearing qualities of .22 rimfire firearms is they can be fabricated to replicate just about any centerfire model. Some of the outstanding rimfire examples we’ve covered recently include the Colt M4, HK MP5, Browning 1911-22, S&W M&P 15-22, SIG SAUER P229 and GSG’s 1911. With the lines, dimensions, weight and controls of the real deals, these rimfire clones are invaluable understudies to their centerfire brethren plus they’re inexpensive, cheap and fun to shoot.

While they label it with the generic moniker, “Modern Sporting Rifle,” ISSC has cooked up the coolest rimfire clone of an FN SCAR imaginable. Just like the SCAR, it’s right on the cutting edge of modern firearm design.

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