Installing A Rifle Scope

It’s Not Hard, And A Few Good Tools Help.

Hunting season is not far off and, naturally, all we nimrods will start pondering our choice of weaponry. Some of us will take old favorites. Others will start afresh. Many of the others will want to apply a scope to their new piece. Thanks to the enormous technical resources available to modern hunters, it is simple and any hunter who can field dress a deer can handle a scope installation. We’ll assume you have a typical bolt-action rifle but what follows is applicable to most any rifle. At the expense of belaboring the obvious, make sure the gun is unloaded and no ammo is anywhere nearby.

Once you have your rifle in-hand, decide on a scope. This brief treatise must necessarily confine itself to the installation rather the optics selection but, that said, I will offer one piece of advice. The tendency is to procure scopes of unnecessarily high magnification. All the scope does is provide a more precise sighting picture by putting all sighting elements on one clear plane. It is not a spotting device. All you need is a reticle you can see and place on the kill zone with a little room left over. You don’t need to fill the view through the scope with deer since you then restrict the all-important field of view. I want to see not only the deer but a lot of his surroundings so I can figure out what to do next if something goes off the rails. You can make a grizzly bear out of a prairie dog with a powerful enough scope—if you can find him in the first place.
By Hamilton S. Bowen

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