How High’s Your Tech?

…. And How Bright Are Your Lights?

What’s new in high tech and lights? So much I had to take the pile of notes and toss ’em in the air and see which ones stuck to the ceiling! OK, I kinda sorted through ’em after that, based on my pseudo-scientific “What’s Cool and Useful?” program. Whether you wander the High Lonely or navigate the concrete jungle, I hope you’ll find something here that fits your needs—and your budget.

Bushnell Outdoors

Bushnell just keeps rackin’ up awards for its terrific BackTrack “GPS Made Easy” devices, and its latest, the BackTrack D-Tour received Field & Stream’s “Best of the Best” honors. Features include digital compass, altimeter, time, longitude, latitude, temperature and more, also storing five selected locations with speed, distance and directional info, which you can later upload to a computer and overlay on Google maps. If you own just one navigational tool, the D-Tour is a great choice.

Just in case your D-Tour adventures take you out in the dark, check out Bushnell’s new Equinox night vision devices. Three models are offered, and I like the 4x40mm version, using CCD recognition technology rather than image intensifier tubes. An on-board IR illuminator provides total-darkness capability, and you can switch the display from green to black and white. Depending on the background and your eyesight, that can really boost definition. It is handheld or tripod-mountable and boasts a 738′ viewing range. If you’re gonna wander in the dark, be its master!

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