Hornady Sonic Cleaner 2L

My vibrating case cleaner having quivered its last and gone down to dusty death, I decided to take a flier on the significantly more compact 2-liter unit from Hornady. It promises to accommodate about 300 .223 brass at a whack and half that number of .308 as well as more of the various handgun cases than I care to deal with at a single sitting rendering them clean and moderately shiny with minimal fuss and in short order. It also promises the cases will not achieve the high luster associated with the more traditional granulated media and chemical polish tumblers.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for metallic gun parts or cartridge cases. It is more compact than vibrating case cleaners and does not require extra apparatus to separate the media after cleaning.

The 5.56mm case (far left) is typical of fired mil-spec brass. The contrast after ultrasound cleaning is obvious (near left). The commercial 9mm brass took on a nice luster inside and out after about 20 minutes in the tank.

Aside from the ultrasonic action, the active ingredients include water and 1/2-ounce of a citric acid-based cleaning solution for every 20 ounces. The Hornady prediction is that most cases will be clean and free of carbon deposits within 10 to 20 minutes and this is pretty much what I got with relatively new handgun brass. Discolored brass benefited from a couple of 30-minute sessions though the necessary time might have been shorter if I had paid attention. I treated a basket-full of .556 NATO to two full 30-minute runs before the annealed coloration of the neck began to match the color of the case body. The used solution is satisfyingly dark with range grunge lying at the bottom of the stainless steel tank. The solution being “green” is discarded without fanfare. Cases must undergo a final rinse and dry completely before they are ready to load.

The Sonic Cleaner is suitable for cleaning gun parts and other small metallic objects with compatible cleaning solution or by Ultrasound alone.
By Mike Cumpston

Lock-N-Load Ultrasonic Cleaner
Maker: Hornady
P.O. Box 1848
Grand Island, NE 68802
(308) 382 1390
Part Number: 043320
Dimensions: 6.5″ tall x 9″ x 10.75″
Tank Dimensions 2.1 Qt: 3″ x 6″ x 7.2″
Timer Settings: 1-30 minutes, De-gas
Optional heat
110 volt, Price: $142.84
Hornady One Shot Cleaning Solution 32-ounce: $20.49

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