Homeland Security’s “Active Shooter”

Instructions Betray Founding Intent

By David Codrea

“The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) raised a few eyebrows… when Assistant Surgeon General, Ali Khan posted on CDC’s official Public Health Matters blog, ‘Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse,’” gun rights columnist Kurt Hofmann informed his readers.

“I know Khan’s… article was a tongue-in-cheek bid to bring attention to general disaster preparedness,” he noted. “It’s what is not on [the response list] that gives one pause,” meaning, of course, firearms as defensive tools are nowhere mentioned.
“CDC’s anti-gun bias comes through yet again,” Hofmann concluded.

That’s hardly surprising. After all, Mark Rosenberg, the head of the UN-affiliated Task Force for Global Health, said he wanted to see guns “dirty, deadly and banned,” back when he worked at CDC.

What’s also not surprising is that the Department of Homeland Security would exhibit the same bias in their deadly serious online FEMA “home study” course: “IS-907-Active Shooter: What Can You Do?”
“This course provides guidance to individuals, including managers and employees, so that they can prepare to respond to an active shooter situation,” it claims. “By the end of this course, you will be able to… describe how to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident.”

Really? How about instead of describing how, actually managing such an incident?

We’re given an active shooter profile, an accompanying booklet, a description of active shooter incidents and understanding them and something DHS/FEMA calls “Good practices for response,” which boils down to “Try to evacuate. If you cannot evacuate, then hide. As a last resort, take action.”

And what kind of action will the successful government-trained graduate be prepared to take?

“As an absolute last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and/or incapacitate the active shooter: Act as aggressively as possible against him/her. Throw items and improvise weapons; yell,” we are instructed.
Everything but, “Return fire.”

That’s even more useless than similar guidance promulgated by the Illinois State Police, who advise sexually-assaulted women that fighting back may “cancel any other options,” since your attacker may only wish to “degrade and humiliate” you.
“Use of a firearm to protect yourself or property,” they maintain, “is not recommended. Not that most people have that option under Illinois’ current draconian gun control restrictions, at least outside of the home (or even inside, until Chicago is forced to adhere to the intent of the McDonald decision).

“Fighting would probably be futile,” they caution.

So what does the ISP recommend?

“Telling an attacker that you have VD or AIDS can discourage him,” they advocate. “It may sound disgusting, but putting your fingers into you [sic] throat and making yourself vomit usually gets results… Use your imagination and you can think of others,” they encourage.

It’s enough to make one gag. Especially considering the wisdom of the Founders, who understood and told us what was truly “necessary to the security of a free state.”

That government, at all levels, encourages defenselessness, impeding and even criminalizing an armed citizenry; it tells us everything we need to know about the true state of “homeland security.”

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2 thoughts on “Homeland Security’s “Active Shooter”


    Government, Educational Institutions, Media, and Society have become infected by liberalism. The strong free willed thinking man as a role model has been replaced by Homosexuals and perverted transexuals. Social programs have replaced the school of hard knocks. American society has become weak, selfish, and dependent upon Government for their lifes needs. No one is accountable for themselves. We have a idiot, subversive, and fraud as our president. The rest of Government mirrors the president. There are more laws on the books than any one single person knows. Children are arrested and fined for selling lemonaid in their front yard. Retired soldiers, hunters, bible readers, and gun owners are “radicals” to be watched by law enforcement. The US gives guns to narco-terrorists.
    The US is in debt to Communist China.

    Who would have believed this would describe the United States in 2011 ?


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