Hex Shot And Rubber Bullets

New shotgun ammo for 2011

What drives the firearms industry faster than any other factors? It’s new calibers and improvements in ammunition. In the world of shotgunning, our calibers seem to be pretty well set in concrete. What keeps the buzz up are innovative pellet and slug designs and higher and higher payload velocities. The year 2011 is no exception, with the appearance of some really wild stuff.

The first odd shot shape I ever came across was contained in some FN shells loaded in Belgium. The lead shot was formed into perfectly square-faced cubes, and the shell that held them was marketed under the label, “Dispersante.” You could call it a spreader load of sorts, designed for close work in upland covers or for hunting ducks and geese over decoys. Being square with sharp edges and corners, the “Dispersante” shot had a reputation for really cutting up tissue and organs at close range. Well, the “Dispersante” concept is back again under a new, improved label.

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