I have been a fan of Smith & Wesson sixguns seemingly forever. My first in 1957 was a WWI Model 1917 in .45 ACP. Virtually every one of us teenagers had such a Smith & Wesson, as well as a surplus 1911 and a Springfield 1903-A3. They were the cheapest guns available. In 1958, I purchased my first new Smith & Wesson, a 4" Highway Patrolman, and then for our first Christmas together in 1959, Diamond Dot gave me a 1950 Target .44 Special. My first .44 Magnum from Smith & Wesson was purchased in 1963. Over the following years there have been many Smith & Wessons in all the various chamberings, including a dozen or more .44 Magnums. The N-Frame Smith & Wessons are simply my favorite double-action revolvers.