Short Range Proposition

Designed as a concealment weapon, it is unlikely the Pink Lady will ever be used at any greater distance than across the room and more likely at arm’s-length. With this being the case I chose to do all the test firing at 7 yards. There is a virtual unlimited choice when it comes to .38 Special ammunition and I tried to cover the complete spectrum by using everything from wadcutter target loads to cowboy action shooting loads to both jacketed and cast hollowpoint loads designed specifically for self defense. Across-the-board the Pink Lady delivered exceptional accuracy. No matter what load is chosen I am convinced this Charter Arms .38 Special will handle it well.

For those who may have trouble with recoil, Black Hills offers three very easy shooting loads. These are their 158-grain CNL at 512 fps, 158-grain Lead SWC at 562 fps, and a 148-grain LWC at 576 fps. All three of these low-recoiling loads placed 5 shots in 7/8", however my choice from Black Hills for self-defense use is their 125-grain JHP +P at 781 fps which shoots every bit as good as these other loads. Buffalo Bore, Federal, and CCI all offer a 158-grain lead SWC hollowpoint with the former clocking out at 800 fps and the latter two right at 725 fps. Any of these should make a good self-defense load.