Trigger Trouble

Everything about the Raging Hunter .357 Magnum has been definitely positive up to this point, however there is one negative — trigger pull. The double-action pull is quite easy and smooth, however the single action pull registers 7-1/2 lbs. on my Brownells Trigger Gauge. This is at least double what it could be on a dedicated hunting sixgun, as the Taurus is clearly designed and so-named. If I had to make a choice between good sights and a good trigger, I’d pick the sights every time — but I really had to concentrate with this heavy trigger. At least it’s an easy fix.

For test-firing the .357 Magnum Raging Hunter I used both factory loads and hand loads, cast bullets and jacketed bullets, lightweight, standard weight and heavyweight bullets ranging from 125 up to 200 grains. Six factory loads and 10 handloads were used, fired with both the factory iron sights and the Leupold scope installed. I started with the scope in place and my first six shots at 25 yards with Black Hills 158 JHPs measured 5/8" — the first indication this had to be a special sixgun. Although the Raging Hunter is a seven-shooter I always give myself a stress-reducing mulligan which is the closest I ever get to golf. All of the groups mentioned were the best six shots at 25 yards with the 2X scope in place and 20 yards with the iron sights.