Exclusive: Springfield’s New XD(M) “Threaded Barrel” Model Debuts


When the rage broke out over striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols several years ago, I recall one of the main complaints abhttps://gunsmagazine.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=19319&action=edit#out many of those guns was they didn’t have an external safety beyond a trigger mechanism.

Then along came the Springfield XD series, with its grip safety that essentially works the same as the grip safety on a Model 1911. It got a lot of attention from the holdouts, and it’s been working ever since to the satisfaction of pistoleros all over the landscape.

As it goes with many popular handgun models, there have been variations big and small, but the XD family isn’t finished growing just yet. The proof is the new XD(M) OSP with a threaded barrel. This one is worth more than just a cursory glance.

Springfield Armroy

This is a new version of the original XD(M) pistol, chambered for the 9mm cartridge. This optics-ready sidearm comes with a baseplate and is available with a Vortex Venom sight or without.

Naturally, this 29 oz. semi-auto pistol is fitted with dovetailed sights front and rear that are of the proper height to accommodate the addition of a suppressor on the threaded barrel.

According to Springfield, the pistol also comes with a non-threaded barrel measuring 4.5″, while the threaded barrel measures 5.3″. The threads are cut 0.5×28 and are covered by a thread protector.

Barrels are finished with Melonite and are cut with a 1:10″ right-hand twist.

What one observes immediately with any XD pistol is the molded non-slip surface on the grip frame front and rear. This pistol features a black polymer grip frame with interchangeable backstrap sections so the pistol can be “tailored” to an individual shooter’s hands. There is a molded accessory rail on the frame ahead of the trigger guard.

Springfield Armroy

Springfield ships this pistol with two 19-round magazines, which amounts to a lot of firepower.

The slide is forged steel and is also finished with Melonite, and as noted earlier, has been milled for adaptor plates for optical sights. There are cocking serrations front and rear. This XD(M) has a full-length one-piece recoil spring guide rod.

Now, a quick word about this Melonite finish seems in order. Over the years, I’ve handled a lot of sidearms with all sorts of finishes, and Melonite is tough stuff. It’s described as a “metallic mineral,” and it is reportedly corrosion resistant, which makes sense because duty-type pistols are frequently subject to all kinds of crummy environmental conditions. I can only speculate about the lifespan of this stuff, but my guess is it will perform for the life of the pistol.

The grip is 1.2″ wide — a comfortable hold for just about any handgunner.

Overall length is 8.6″, and the MSRP is $710 for the OSP with just the threaded barrel, and $958 when the pistol comes with the Vortex Venom package. Both models ship with three base plates that fit all of the most popular red dot sights.

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