Out For A Spin

Those are the words from a professional, now I will take a look at it. I’ve never been a big fan of black pistols and I am pleased to see this pistol is not black but rather Legion Gray. SIG was able to increase the weight of this pistol without using an all-steel grip frame, while at the same time reducing the flexing of the frame. They did come up with a 43-oz. pistol by infusing the polymer grip frame with tungsten. The combination of the two materials makes a significant difference in both weight and feel. The 43 oz. is not overly heavy but it certainly dampens the recoil of the 9mm significantly.

This pistol was designed first and foremost for competition and it almost makes me wish I could compete again. However, those days are several decades back in the past, but perhaps I could compete again if I could just stand still and shoot plates while never having to move. Maybe. I did have a good time shooting paper plates with the XFIVE Legion. I may not use it for competition, however, with a proper holster, I can see no problem packing it while wandering off, on foot, to explore sagebrush, foothills, forests and mountains. Of course, all of this requires the same movement as competition but I can at least dream.