The Ruger Blackhawk

The 50th Anniversary Ruger .357 is the same size as the original Ruger .357 Blackhawk, has the same Colt Single Action-sized XR3 grip frame, and, unlike the original, is all steel. It is the perfect platform for building a .44 Special or .45 Colt, or even a 5-shot .44 Magnum all of which Hamilton has done, however this time he has gone smallbore. To easily distinguish between the two chamberings the .32-20 is fluted while the .327 cylinder is not, and both are expertly fitted to the frame which has a 5-1/2" Douglas barrel.

The front sight is a tapered post on a ramp and is matched up with one of Hamilton’s heavy-duty field rear sights. The hammer and frame are case colored by Turnbull, a large knurled-head locking base pin is fitted, the action is tightened and tuned, and the trigger pull set at 2-1/2 pounds. At 46 ounces this is a relatively heavy sixgun, which makes it even more pleasant when shooting either cartridge. Since this is basically a .327 project, I mainly concentrated my shooting with the .327 Federal. I did run two factory .32-20 loads, both in the 800+ fps range from, Black Hills and Winchester and they shot as easily and accurately as a .22.