If I had anything negative to mention it would probably be the hammer. BFR recently redesigned their hammer style. I was told this was done to accommodate shooting in cold weather when gloves are worn. I much prefer the Bisley style hammer and will probably have one installed somewhere down the road. This is a personal preference and really doesn’t take anything away from this fine, accurate revolver.

When deer season arrives I’ll be carrying the BFR in a 7x Leather chest holster system. This well-made leather rig rides across your chest. The holster secures the gun and comes with a strap to hold everything in place. A cartridge slide holds 6 extra rounds and there is even a pouch to house your ear plugs. I have grown fond of chest rigs and this 7x Leather offering is a dandy. In the past I have worn this holster for extended periods. It has carried large, scoped revolvers very comfortably. 7x Leather makes packing this BFR hunting revolver relatively painless—and more importantly—safe.

If you are searching for a serious hunting revolver, the BFR is definitely a worthy candidate. This is one of those guns you can shoot as much as you want and hand down to your grandchildren to enjoy for years of shooting pleasure. I am real pleased with the accuracy shown and the gun is built to withstand a steady diet of magnum rounds if you desire. In my opinion, this is one of the best values for a well-built, single-action handgun today. My BFR will be heading to the woods soon and I have no doubt it will help me fill the freezer with venison.