I have a hammerless, sidelock Lancaster rook-rifle project underway that now sports a lustrous .300 Rook-caliber liner, helping to revive this lovely little gun. Finally succumbing to constant badgering from the vocal vintage single-shot rifle community, there are occasionally even tubes emerging from the shop with Henry- and Metford-style rifling. Makes one giddy at the mere thought of it. Jim and Allen have produced countless beautiful and accurate rebores for us over the years that have enabled us to offer a greater, unique variety of custom handguns. Without their skills and capabilities, a lot of gunmaking operations would be much diminished.
We are truly living in a Golden Age of custom gunmaking. Reboring is an integral part of this renaissance, offering otherwise unavailable possibilities, limited only by your imagination.

Delta Gun Shop/Clearwater Reboring
989 Bear Creek Rd.
Colville, WA 99114
(509) 684-5855

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