The first order of business at the range was getting sighted-in at 25 yards. It didn’t take long to detect how well this revolver shoots. When Dick Thompson’s everyday load of 8 grains of Unique pushing his Keith 230-grain SWC left clover-leaf groups, it got my attention. Departing the 25-yard range, I moved to 50 yards. As you would expect, the revolver favored some loads better than others but overall, it wasn’t real picky. Some 50-yard groups were surprisingly tight. The Bisley grip frame handles recoil effortlessly and this gun is a joy to shoot. The lack of intimidating recoil along with a good trigger makes shooting sessions enjoyable. During the lengthy sessions, 11 factory loads and 11 handloads were tested.

The custom Ruger will be a hunting gun so I just had to see what it would do at 100 yards. Factory and handloads performing best at 50 yards were tested. Now let me honestly share I am a terrible benchrest shooter with a revolver. The first load tested at 100 yards was 8 grains of Unique with the Keith 230-grain SWC — Dick’s everyday load. Its 3-shot group measured 2.80 inches. For me, this is unusual. Buffalo Bore’s 170-grain JHC produced a 2.71 3-shot group. Then 17 grains of 2400 pushing the 250-grain LBT WFN bullet delivered a 2.75-inch group. I didn’t really believe what I was seeing (especially with me behind the trigger). Put this gun and these loads in the hands of someone who can shoot a revolver and you would have something!