Change Of Venue

All these sixguns — both cartridge firing and percussion — were beautifully assembled in this country using Italian parts. But this was just the first step as USPFA’s Doug Donnelly had a dream and began the move to provide an all-American-made SAA. And in the process the name was changed to USFA for “United States Firearms.”

Making the switch was neither quick nor easy, however, it got done and in the process the USFA catalog changed dramatically. What remained was just about the finest traditional, factory-built SAA replica I’d ever seen and — unlike the competition — was made in the USA.

My first experience had been with a USPFA .45 (American-assembled-with-Italian parts) — a 5-1/2″ nickel-plated sixgun acquired more than 20 years ago. It was and remains an excellent shooter, well fitted, finished and timed. It was soon joined by a Cavalry Model .45 Colt with a 7-1/2″ barrel, a matching version in .44 Special, and a 4-3/4″ .44-40 Frontier Six-Shooter. All were equally well-fitted and excellent shooters. For my first experience with the American-made USFA SAA, I ordered a .45 Colt with the “Civilian” length 4-3/4″ barrel.