Exclusive: What I Carry — Mark Kakkuri, Online Editor


What I carry: SigSauer P365. Terrific ergonomics and the texture on the stocks is just right.

Every now and again we’re going to pull back the curtain and let you see the inner workings of the FMG crew — upcoming projects, nifty insights on our work, and, of course, what we carry and shoot.

I’ve had a concealed pistol license for about 15 years and, in my work in the firearms industry, I have enjoyed access to a lot of handguns. As with most things, pistols have their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, many subjective preferences come to bear in the selection of a gun for personal defense and how it is carried. So right up front, I’ll admit that what’s right for me might not be right for you. Lately, when I’m not carrying a particular gun in a particular holster for a particular assignment, I’ve donned a slim nine — the SigSauer P365 ($599.99 MSRP) in an MTR Custom Leather Quick Snap ($44.99), a strong-side OWB holster. On my weak side is the P365’s second magazine in an MTR Custom Leather Deluxe Magazine Carrier ($34.99). This gun in this rig proves a formidable combination for civilian concealed carry. Here’s why.

MTR Custom Leather Quick Snap OWB Holster. Snap-on, snap-off. Slim and simple.

SigSauer’s P365 gets a lot of attention, and rightly so. It’s reliable, accurate, very easy to handle and shoot, and very easy to conceal. You don’t usually get all those attributes in one handgun. At least not all registering at the levels of consistently excellent or awesome or amazing. But it’s not just me; every friend I’ve allowed to shoot the P365 has been amazed. Usually they describe the gun as reliable, accurate, very easy to handle and shoot. Then they borrow my holster, try it on, and add something about the gun also being very easy to conceal. This is a consistent occurrence. And then it sinks in: Most slim nines carry six or seven rounds on board. The P365 carries 10+1.

The MTR Custom Leather Quick Snap OWB Holster easily installs on my belt with two loops of leather going under and around my gun belt and then snapping in place. I usually wear it at 4 o’clock and sometimes at 3 o’clock. Despite being OWB, it disappears easily under most covering garments, no matter the season. Snap, snap, and it’s off. Loop, snap, loop, snap, and it’s back on again. The leather looks good, fits the P365 perfectly, holds the gun at a slight forward cant, and offers a combat grip.

MTR Custom Leather Magazine Carrier. A strong metal clip makes this even easier to put on/off than the holster.

The MTR Custom Leather Deluxe Magazine Carrier keeps the P365’s extra 10-round magazine at the ready with even easier on/off functionality, thanks to the strong metal clip. It, too, wears OWB (although you could wear it IWB) but is easily concealed. The right amount of friction for drawing the magazine out of the holster is up to you: just adjust the tension screw accordingly. And you can position the magazine carrier anywhere on you person you’d like, with the bullets facing your preferred direction as well. I carry it at 9 o’clock, bullets forward.

My reasons for choosing these items include reliability and simplicity, key components of how many people choose self-defense gear. Putting the P365 into action from the MTR holster is a matter of clear/reach, draw, and point. Changing mags, if needed, is pretty much the same. And with this setup I have 21 rounds of 9mm available. So add “capacity” to this list, too.

This is what I carry and why. Watch for future reports from others on the FMG team. And let us know what are you carrying, too…