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Glock’s Model 17 — the full-size, double-stack 9mm that took the firearms industry by storm in the 80’s — continues to impress even as it enters its fourth generation (or “Gen4”). Over the years, it has proven unquestioningly reliable and utterly durable. In fact, some say the Glock 17 is the answer to the question, “If you could have only one gun, what would it be?” You’re welcome to answer that question by commenting below, but I want to add another twist: If the Glock 17 is that “one gun,” how would you carry it concealed? Remember, we’re talking about a full-size duty pistol that weighs over 32 ounces loaded and measures almost eight inches in length.

DSC_6370smBecause of Glock’s popularity in the marketplace, holsters for duty carry and concealed carry abound, including Galco’s Side Snap Scabbard. Constructed of premium steerhide, the Side Snap Scabbard — now in its second generation — offers a belt slide style, outside-the-waistband holster that attaches (or removes) quickly via two snap straps. Not only is it up to the task of carrying the Glock 17’s sheer size and weight, it also does a decent job of setting up for concealment.

Managing the Glock 17’s Size and Weight

The Side Snap Scabbard feels like a robust leather holster. And it is. The premium steerhide that comprises its construction is appropriately thick and strong and reinforced at the right places. Even with the Glock 17 on board, the holster flexes where it needs to and remains firm where it should. Attaching it to your belt with the side snaps takes some muscle but you are rewarded with a snug, close fit all around.

Setting up the Glock 17 for Concealment

Worn with a proper gun belt buckled tight, the Side Snap Scabbard and Glock 17 worked best at 4 or 5 o’clock, which set the gun up well for concealment. With the Glock 17 in the holster, the stocks pointed up into my back and the rear sights ended up under where my right arm naturally fell. These points, as well as the covered muzzle, all hid well under a loose shirt as long as I wasn’t doing any extreme movements. While the Glock 17 was hidden, it’s so much gun that I always knew it was there. But I wore it with reasonable comfort for several days, all day.

DSC_6368smRetailing for $124.95, the Side Snap Scabbard comes in left- or right-handed models and offers a tension adjustment screw as well as a reinforced mouth.

Now, the question: If you could have only one gun (or one holster), what would it be?

— Mark Kakkuri

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