The NAA mini-revolver is very simple in design and operation, which adds to its rugged reliability. The cylinder accepts five magnum cartridges. To load them, you place the hammer at half-cock, pull the cylinder pin out and remove the cylinder from the frame. If there are spent cases in the cylinder, you eject them by tapping them out with the cylinder pin.

Once loaded, the cylinder is returned to the frame and locked in place with the cylinder pin. Next comes the important safety drill. Between the chambers are safety slots that accept the nose of the hammer. The hammer is lowered into one of the safety slots, locking the hammer and the cylinder in place and ensuring the nose of the hammer is not in contact with a cartridge rim. That’s the safe “carry mode” for the little gun, and it permits you to carry all five chambers loaded. The system reminds me of the safety slots in the cylinder of most Civil War cap-and-ball revolvers.

NAA recommends CCI and Winchester ammunition, and I concur, although you have to test various loadings by both companies for accuracy and stability. Even with its 1-1/8" barrel, the mini-revolver is surprisingly fast, averaging 1,082 fps with CCI Maxi-Mag +V, which turned in 1-1/4" 3-shot groups at 15' over open sights. CCI Maxi-Mag Gold Dot was equal in accuracy, but a bit slower, averaging 808 fps over the PACT Professional chronograph.