The skeletonized Commander-style hammer matches the skeletonized flat trigger. Standard 1911 safeties include the thumb safety and a beavertail grip safety complete with a memory bump. The frontstrap and mainspring housing are both checkered at 25 lines-per-inch and this — plus the aggressive finish on the grip panels — provides for a very secure grasp.

The bottom part of the backstrap is bobtailed which not only aids in concealment but also feels exceptionally good to my hand. Magazine capacity is 9 rounds and the magazine drops freely when the magazine release is depressed.

The ECP performed well with all the ammunition I used. Outstanding performers included Black Hills’ 125-gr. Honey Badger (920 fps) which punched 5-shot, 20 yard groups measuring 7/8". The Black Hills 115-gr. JHP +P is a good choice for self-defense with a muzzle velocity of just under 1,240 fps and a 3/4" group capability.

Self-defense use doesn’t really require this level of accuracy but it’s great to know you have it. The smallest group was turned in by the SIG SAUER 115-gr. V-Crown JHP with 5 shots staying within 1/2". Everything was working perfectly and I don’t claim to be able to duplicate this on demand! The fastest load I tested, incidentally, was the Inceptor 65-gr. ARX at 1,640 fps. These little lightweights shoot to point of aim and group in at 1-1/2".

Dan Wesson’s Enhanced Commander Pistol has everything most shooters want on a 1911. It performed flawlessly and definitely fits the category of Perfect Packin’ Pistol (Semi-Auto Division). The MSRP is $1,600 and I think it’s well worth it!

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