A New Beginning

After the discontinuance of the SAA circa 1941, there was a period of time when they were about as worthless as worn-out shoes. Stories abound of them selling for a few bucks or being thrown out in barns to tarnish and rust. But all this came to an end in the 1950s. Suddenly those Colt Single Actions became collectibles. Prices skyrocketed.

Evidently somebody at Colt was alert. They smelled a market. Most of the machinery used to produce the SAA was intact. It had just been stored away to make room for World War II’s emergency production of military arms. Colt’s workmen set things up and by 1956 were putting brand new SAAs out the door. Whereas SAA serial numbers up to 1941 were simply numbers, those of new production were given a suffix of SA to differentiate the two generations.

There is an excellent book (out of print but available here and there) called Colt SAA Postwar Models by George Garton. It contains very interesting statistics and information about the 2nd Generation. The numbers regarding production totals shown before were drawn from the book.