In the beginning I mentioned holsters with open ends or ones with plugs. Basically any basic style of single action holster can be either way. The idea of the open end is to allow debris to fall on through. The idea of the plug is to keep the handgun muzzle clean if one is sitting down. Which is best? I’d have to say it’s a personal choice.

Now I want to give a word of opinion about cartridge belts. They are very photogenic. They are much less practical in real life. One reason is the chemicals used to tan leather will cause cartridge brass to form verdigris, a green sort of scum. Also they get heavy if there are many cartridge loops on them. If those loops are tight enough to secure your extra ammo supply the rounds are difficult to pull out. If the loops are loose enough the rounds come free easily, then they are apt to be spread all over the landscape. And here’s one last opinion about gunbelts, whether they have cartridge loops or not. That is they should be made of soft pliable leather. If made of stiff leather they are more like hula-hoops, or in other words they won’t grab the body and stay in place.