Charter Arms ‘Professional’ .32 Magnum


Let’s think outside the box here. Pocket revolvers are swell — you bet. Most are five- or six-shot and we’ve always thought of that as “enough.” How about a 7-shot .32 Magnum rendition? Huh? What? Exactly what I thought.

Charter’s version of the classic pocket wheelgun tucks seven significant .32 Magnum loads into its tidy cylinder. Think — a 100-gr. JHP at 1,300 fps and you begin to get someone’s attention. Multiply this times the lucky seven number and you’ve just solved a concealed carry problem very neatly. My test gun shot just fine, with very mild recoil, perfect for a smaller shooter or someone with weaker hands.

At about 22 oz. unloaded, the Charter’s got a Blacknitride+ finish, LitePipe front sight, 3″ barrel and walnut grips. If I was keeping it, I’d put standard smaller grips on it, making it even handier. MSRP is about $438 and you can find it at your favorite dealer.

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