The Custom Touch

Not long ago it used to be that in order to get the sorts of features on this 686 duo you had to spend big bucks on custom mods to an already pricy base gun. Our test gun had the Performance Center over-sized cylinder release, orange front sight (you can swap it out), tuned action, unfluted cylinder, vent-rib barrel, hard chrome trigger with stop and a custom teardrop-shaped hammer spur on the hard chrome hammer. I found through use, the teardrop shape is there, I think, to offer clearance for the over-sized release.

The smooth trigger is somewhere between a standard and a classic target trigger in width. “Just right” comes to mind. Grips are Hogue-style (might even be made by them, I’m not sure). The cylinder has a conventional lock-up, with a detent for the front of the ejector rod and the standard rear-locking pin protruding from the ejector star into the recoil shield. Timing was spot-on, and the action smoother than most standard production revolvers of the brand. I’m a picky guy and I think a touch of the hands of an S&W action master could turn this into a spectacular action easily and without much work at all. For most shooters, I think it would be fine and would shoot-in soon.