A gun this awesome rates some proper cool-guy stuff. The Swamp Fox Trihawk optic offers 3x magnification and a delightfully wide field of view — edge to edge is 52 feet at 100 yards. The illuminated reticle features Shake ’N Wake technology that activates automatically when you move it. The reticle is fast in action and can even serve as a both-eyes-open close quarters solution in a pinch.

The Magpul Angled Foregrip gives you something solid upon which to grip, while the Streamlight TLR-9 shreds the darkness with 1,000 lumens of brilliant white light. I also carefully removed the flash suppressor after my first outing at the range and perched a SIG SAUER SRD762 direct thread suppressor up front. This indestructible sound suppressor is made from Inconel, weighs a modest 15.5 oz. and is preternaturally effective.