Field Strip

Disassembly of the carbine is easily accomplished. First, loosen the screw on the barrel band, depress the band spring attached to the stock, slide the barrel band forward, and lift off the upper handguard. Lift the barreled action out of the stock.

Push out the pin at the front of the trigger guard from left to right and slide the trigger group rearward off the frame. Remove the recoil spring and guide by pulling it back and lift it out of the receiver. To remove the operating slide, line up the slide with the two notches on the barrel and receiver and rotate it out. The bolt can now be removed. No further disassembly is normally needed or recommended.

Reassemble in reverse order. It actually takes more time to read this than it takes to field strip the carbine.
Like most firearms of the era, the barrel must be cleaned from the muzzle. Take care not to damage the rifling at the front of the barrel.