VR 60 Semi-Auto Shotgun Series From Armscor Will Rock AR Fans


Armscor VR

No doubt about it, the AR-type rifle is the most popular model in the United States today, and it should come as no great surprise some enterprising arms manufacturer would adapt the style, if not the platform, of this modern semi-auto to a shotgun.

In this case, we’re talking about six shotguns, all members of the Armscor VR60 family of rugged-looking self-loaders ranging in price from $489 to $549 (depending upon the individual model). Each has some differences, such as exterior finish (from basic black to an earth tone brown), but they have a lot of similar features.

Shotguns have been as much a part of the American fabric as sixguns, Bowie knives, buckskins and bourbon, but the VR60 series takes the smoothbore to an entirely new, 21st century level.

First, there is the outward appearance. These things look like an AR should look, with box magazines, alloy upper receivers, handles and handguards. At first glance, one might think these are rifles with bull barrels, but that lasts only until one wants to start shooting.

Armscor VR60

Chambered for 12-gauge shells, the VR60 holds five rounds. The basics are pretty straightforward. They feature A2 style sights and removable A2-style handle so they can be converted to a flat top profile. They weigh 7.8 lbs. and all come with 20″ contoured barrels equipped with interchangeable chokes. Picatinny rails are on each model for mounting accessories.

The guns come with mobile, full, modified and improved cylinder choke tubes. Overall, they measure 39″, and will handle 3″ magnum loads. Recoil is softened by the action as well as by the ample recoil pads.

According to company literature, the VR60 12-gauge shotgun “is appropriate for all levels of hunting and sporting” enthusiasts. The fact that they simply look like a modern sporting rifle means really nothing other than they will likely have broad appeal to the generation of shooters who have grown up with the platform. The safety is even located in the same position on the AR rifle — on the left side of the receiver above the handle.

The barrel can be easily removed for a good cleaning and other maintenance.

The lineup includes the Standard 601-BC ($499), Standard 601-GC ($499), Standard 601 Red ($489), the Plus 1 Red, ($549) Plus 1 Brown ($549) and the Plus 1 ($529).

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